Today, before the children arrived in the classroom, Miles and Steffanie took some time to set it up a little bit differently than we have been lately. They used long strips of paper and a netting material to create different layers of materials for the projector light to project on. 

After getting it set up, Miles then began projecting a sea turtle video on that area. All of the different layers of materials made it look like the turtle was swimming on to the areas of the climber.  

As the children began arriving at school, they were all immediately captivated with imagery in the area. Many of them took a few moments just to stand in front of the projection and watch it.  

At morning meeting we talked as a group about how our goal is to keep the long pieces of paper and netting on the climber.

During our morning work session the children used the climber in a way that kept the paper and netting attached so they would be able to climb and enjoy the projection of the sea turtle. Many of the children ended up playing with stacking cups beneath the projection, while others did choose to climb in a way that preserved the experience for the rest of the group as well. 

The ability to use the climber, while preserving the layering materials for the others took a large amount of self regulation on the children's part. This level of self-regulation is a goal we are constantly aiming for in the classroom because it allows these types of projects to be worked on and played in without close teacher guidance. It allows children the time and space to wonder at all the possibilities of a context.