Preschool Outdoor Activities in Nature
Jack is encouraged to climb after watching Isla take the challenge

While at a nature spot in Royal Oak, the children were drawn to the large tree trunks that had fallen.
Isla was walking along a small fallen tree when she noticed a different tree many times larger than the one she was on. She ran off, interested in the challenge and adventure of this immense fallen tree.
Though Isla had been nervous when encountering her first fallen tree, she moved to this second one with confidence and started climbing up independently

Isa takes a moment to take in the view from up above

Challenge and Risk

Young children seek physical challenges where risk is involved. Risk taking is a healthy and important part of childhood
. Allowing children to engage in risk-taking offers them the chance to practice important life skills such as: risk assessment; making judgment calls; learning personal boundaries, strengths and limitations; perseverance. For these reasons, risk-taking is one of our preschool's highly held values.


children on tree

Questions For Parents' Consideration

How do you feel when your child pursues physical risk taking?
  • What role do you take in such situations? Do you permit your child to take risks like this? How much do you help? How much do you let them do on their own
  • What do you remember from your own childhood in regards to risk-taking? What kinds of challenges did you pursue and how did you feel when engaged in this kind of activity?

To learn more about the importance of risk-taking for young children, read outdoor educator Heather Taylor's research by clicking the link below.



"When Isla said, 'This is the most exciting thing a kid's life has ever been,' it was confirmation for me that the woods offered challenges and excitement that the children rose to meet
." - Teacher Shelly

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  1. Steffanie on February 9, 2021 at 4:53 pm

    I spent long days outdoors in nature as a child, from exploring the woods, to reading under a tree, to sitting on the front porch as it rained. I’m glad that our children at Scuola have time to enjoy nature during their days at school!